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South Pacific thermocline waters are transported from the subtropical gyre center in the westward flowing South Equatorial Current, towards the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This features a major circulation pathway that redistributes water from the subtropics to the equator.

salinity intrusion in the Solomon SeaFigure right: Salinity field at 110m on May 10, 1998 from a numerical simulation. Resolution is 10km in the Solomon Sea area (black rectangle) and 28km elsewhere. The horizontal "flame" shows the intrusion of high salinity thermocline water from the subtropical gyre toward the Coral Sea, into the Solomon Sea and ultimately toward the equator. From Melet et al. (2010).

Solwara is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary experiment, under the auspices of SPICE (CLIVAR) and GEOTRACES (SCOR), to measure, simulate and understand the oceanic circulation in the Coral Sea and the Solomon Sea and their role in both the climate system (ENSO and local island climate) and the oceanic chemistry.

Solwara is co-funded by IRD, CNRS-INSU and ANR, with collaborative components from NOAA.

The research programme include in situ measurements, numerical modeling and compiled analyses of past data. It is described in the SPICE science plan and on this web site.

Projects PIs are:

2013 - Solwara: a SPICE/CLIVAR programme